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Case #1: Underbite

Rebel Lower w Indentation
Rebel Crowding
Rebel Front
Rebel Right SIde
Rebel Left Side
Rebel Right After
Rebel Left After

Diagnosis: Periodontal disease, bone loss, fractures, upper jaw is shorter than the lower jaw. Upper incisors are hitting into the lower jaw which creates a risk of developing serious jaw problems and conditions if left untreated.  

Treatment: Scaled, Root Planned, Polished. Post-dental recheck scheduled in 5 days. 


BRUSHING Teeth- Gold standard of dental care- Should brush teeth at least 3 times weekly
DIETS- We recommend Hill’s Science Diet t/d as a primary diet, in addition to their current food, or as a treat.
CHEWS- CET Chews (rawhide like, but digestible in the stomach); Veggie Dents (plant based); ORAVET                                         (makes sealant to prevent bacterial attachment)

DENTAL- A future procedure is needed to resolve issues created by crowding of the lower incisors. 

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