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Cat Dentistry



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       Unless regular home care and veterinary dental care is provided, you could be neglecting an important part of your cat's overall health. In most cases, owners are unaware that their cat has dental problems. Desert View Animal Hospital offers a full range of veterinary dental services for cats including consultations, dental radiographs, cleaning, etc. 

Periodontal Disease/ SIgns & Symptoms

Periodontal disease is the most common clinical condition affecting our feline patients, and is entirely preventable. Find out what the disease is and how it affects your cat. 

Cats frequently fracture their teeth. All fractured teeth need to be assessed with dental radiographs to help determine if they are a problem for the cat.

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Dental Cleanings & What They Entail

Dental cleanings are important parts of maintaining your cat’s health. Every professional dental cleaning starts with a review of the patient’s general health and any previous dental history.

At-Home Care

Home care can make a vast difference in your cat’s overall health and comfort with the added benefit of preventing or prolonging a future dental procedure. 

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Case Photos: Before & After

Explore the mouths and x-rays of patients who have undergone dental procedures.  

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